Monday, October 26, 2009

That “Knowing Smile” – type Two

For years I’ve known that special smile: the smile shared by those traveling a similar journey. In my case this was always the smile a fellow parent of a child with Down syndrome would flash me when noticing Ricki next to me. Once as I was exiting the dental clinic of a hospital, I noticed a mother sitting with her older son with Down syndrome. I saw her glance at Ricki, and suddenly she looked up at me with a smile. I returned the grin, and went on my way. Not a word was spoken, but the connection , the fellowship, was there.
Suddenly, I have a second type of “knowing smile” in my life: that of fellow walkers. If I am out walking in the early AM, carrying only a bottle of water and a key, it takes no big brains on the part of a fellow pavement-hitting woman to figure out what I am doing in the local park at that hour. So, more often then not, she’ll slip me a smile as she wizzes past. And one morning I even met a friend of mine, who I had no idea was working on her health. BOKER TOV! (“Good morning!”)

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Batya said...

Ahhh, yes.
When I was in NY a couple of weeks ago, I was surprised not to find walkers. And I certainly was the only shopper packing my purchases in a backpack.

Amy said...

I know those smiles too!

As you know, I also have a daughter with Ds and share knowing smiles with many.

I am also a walker - evening is my time. I love the fragrance of evening as the breeze dies down for the day. I don't know the names of the people I pass but we generally share a knowing smile or nod.