Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Again to the Grocery Store

This morning I was sleeping in. I had been up late last night, and was determined that too little sleep should not prompt me to overeat (as I did a bit yesterday...). Ricki hovered over me, fully dressed, waiting for me to open my eyes.
“Mom? We need (black) pepper. I want to go to the grocery store.” With my grunt of approval, she read off the list (and a very thorough one, too, I might add....). She ended with “a sweet”. I acquiesced, and off she bounded. On the way she added a few other items for to the list (like several pudding-yogurts). She also bought for herself a drink....
I should have nailed her down on all of these things, but this morning I didn’t. I just announced that the yogurts are off-limits until Friday (the only day we usually buy them).
Its hard to be a disciplinarian when prone and under the covers......

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1 comment:

Marsha said...

I think that as long as you hold fast that the pudding is for Friday, that is teaching her how to be discplined and also teaches her patience. It will teach how how to plan ahead. Her "punishment" is her lesson.