Friday, August 21, 2009

"Sores" / Cub Lake

Ricki enjoyed our hike on Wednesday much more that the previous hikes. It was the longest we have done so far (4.6 miles / 7.2 kilometers ). We climbed to cub lake and back; most of the trail is gradual incline or level, just the last bit before the lake in a hefty incline (total elevation gained about 540 feet).
One thing that bothered her were a few minuscule "sores". Ricki has a big tendency to always point out to me any "injuries" that she has. Most I can not see with the naked eye, or just barely. She always requests a band aid, but I refuse unless there is blood emanating from within. Instead I put "cream" when we get home.
In the car on the way back to my mother's house, we all related what we enjoyed. My mom liked the sky, mountains, and Rocks. I liked the lake. Ricki liked the ground squirrels and the ducks (they are in abundance at the lake....). At our arrival home we found a deer in the yard.


Cindy said...

My daughter was a hypochondriac when she was little and was always running in with "owies". I finally made a rule that I would only respond to the first three owies a day. After that, unless there was blood gushing or bones sticking out, too bad!

It seemed heartless but she finally realized that she needed to decide which were serious and which could be ignored.

In early June, she had an accident on her bike (she is now 25) and broke her elbow on one arm and her wrist on the other. It's still under the 3 owies a day rule so I was able to sympathize with her - as well as spend a day at the hospital waiting for ex-rays and casts!! She has recovered well, thank G-d - the surgeon said she could be the poster-child for elbow fractures.

Unknown said...

i love reading about your trip to the states! and about the hiking -- it's good to know, as sophie is not a willing hiker at the moment. my husband will be thrilled to hear how much ricki has accomplished on that front.