Tuesday, August 4, 2009

...and the other side (sort of a continuation from yesterday)

Often I write my posts in the evening, and post them in the morning. When I don’t have time I will usually write early in the morning. Yesterday it was only after 10 AM that I got started, having been up late on Sunday evening. Ricki had just gotten up, having also gone to bed in the middle of the night, and was getting bathed and dressed (on her own). A bit later she came carrying a bag of flour. “Is this flour?” she asked.
Immediately visions of her previous escapades of Ricki trying to make a cake on her own floated from my memory cells.
“Uhh, Ricki, no cakes today!”
“I want to make pancakes...”
(after a pause to pull myself out of what I was doing...) “OK, let me sift the flour for you.”

So I quickly helped her make the batter, she lit the fire, and fried the pancakes herself very nicely. [Better 5 minutes away from the task at hand (on the computer) than letting my teen wreck havoc in the kitchen alone.]


Batya said...

She's really very independent. It's great that she asked before cooking.

Staying Afloat said...

Agreed, on the asking front.

How did you determine when she was ready to use the stove?

rickismom said...

How did I determine that she was ready to use the stove?
When I realized that she wanted to, I figured that I MUST TEACH her, or she will try it on her own. I am still scared a bit, but I figure that she will be safer with my teaching than without.