Monday, August 24, 2009

The Missing Sunglasses

Friday morning my mother, Ricki, and I were all up early. We wanted to set out towards the calypso cascades trailhead early, as the parking area there is small. (If we would get there once the parking area is full, it would mewan parking much further away and adding that extra distance to the hike.)
Suddenly Ricki came into the kitchen with a pair of sunglasses, and I told her: "Those aren't yours. Put them back."
Fast forward seven hours. My brother's step-son pooks his head into the porch. "Have you seen my sunglasses?"


A massive search of the house was started. Ricki usually tells me where she has put articles like this, but this time she was not cooperating, or so it seemed. I looked all through our studff, but couldn't find it.
Finally a half-hour later the glasses were found where all the sunglasses in my mom's house are stored. When I told Ricki to put the glasses back, she lazily handed them to my mom, who assumed that they were from her stash, so she put them away there.
While Ricki was lazy in giving them to my mother, I am hasppy that she hadn't stashed them away somewhere in her own belongings. Ultimately, she HAD returned them, much to my relief.

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