Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dealing with Uncertainty

Ricki's aide is quitting- the city hall has been late in paying her. I understand that, although it leaves me a bit in the lurch. I am scrambling to find a temporary replacement for next week. The last thing I would want would be for Ricki to miss the Hanukkah party, along with the play she will be in.
The old aid was very good with behavior, so I was thinking of adding private to keep her on. Especially since I am afraid that the city hall will send me an aide who is not so good. However, she only does about 10% of the adaptation of materials for Ricki (I would pay her to do more, but she doesn't want….), and I can't see paying $250 more monthly as long as I am doing the adaptations. I need that $250 to pay for afternoon activities.
So how does all of this apply to each of us? Because I am operating out of my "comfort" range, living with a bit of uncertainty. It would be "easy" to offer the aide more, and drop the "life skills" in the afternoon. Then at least I would know that her school situation is "workable". However, that would throw more of a burden on me. So I will have to live with uncertainty, for the good of the long run. Sometimes a bit of discomfort and tension is a small payoff for long-term benefit.
I might add that the same goes for diets. One has to live with the limitation of the diet for that long-term benefit.

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