Friday, November 16, 2007

Expensive Vegetable Soup

I decided a few months ago, that since Ricki's behavior had substantially improved, I could stop her "play therapy". Some of the money saved, I planned to apply go to have someone teach her "life skills" two afternoons a week. I felt that this is extra important, considering that she is integrated in a regular class, and is not getting very much formal teaching in this area. This week we inaugurated the twice-a-week life-skills studies, with a private tutor. Each session of 90 minutes is costing me $12.
Well, Ricki was in a very contrary mood today (a replica of that "past" behavior that I had thought was behind us). She managed to dawdle, not cooperate, and be generally obnoxious, and succeeded in taking 2 and-a-quarter hours to make a pot of vegetable soup. (Initially I was surprised at her behavior, as she loves to cook. Later I realized that she is just re-testing the waters, trying to earn slack, perhaps due to two hard tests at school in close proximity.) The 2 and –a-quarter hours might be reasonable for someone studying cooking, and tackling a sizable mound of vegetables to peel. However, that session will cost me $18. Rather expensive soup, I must say! But definitely worth it.
PS. And it tasted great, too!

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Casdok said...

Good to hear it tasted so good after all that!!