Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Today a good friend stopped over to visit. (She's a REAL good friend, and even brought a book with her. That's a REAL good friend as I view it.) (I just hope that she realizes that she does not have to "buy" my friendship. I love her for who she is: a giving personality, and a "survivor" of a less-than-easy life.)
Anyway, I showed her some photographs of a recent trip to Colorado, to the Rocky Mountains. She "oohed and awed", as I fully had expected her to. We discussed how amazing the scenery of G-d's world is, how inspiring it is, and how it brought me to belief in G-d.
However, what amazes me more, is that these better-than-a-postcard views do not effect too many other people as it has me. My parents and brothers enjoy the mountains, are enthralled by the views, but it does not lead them to a belief in a Creator.
This in turn reminds me how, after the birth of my oldest son, I was querying the doctor about HOW can he be witness to the intricacy of the birth process, and of the newborn, and not believe that our existence is more than a puzzling genetic accident.
I am grateful for having had the opportunity to experience the enthralling views of the mountains. I am even more pleased with where these experiences had led me to. I pray that I can aptly share this journey with my children.

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