Monday, December 10, 2012

The Store Owner's Lie

[image: lady clothes shopping]
    I knew it wasn't true. And he was probably just trying to get a sale…
    I was out shopping for my last winter-wardrobe item, a nice skirt for the Sabbath.  I had even considered sewing myself one (years ago I had to sew EVERYTHING I wore…)… but noticing the prices in the stores I passed (in the cheaper Tel-Aviv area), I realized that I could possibly buy for about the same price as buying good cloth. True, the quality would not be as good, but I would be saving myself time.
   I entered a store that had some lovely skirts outside.
-"Do you have skirts in size 46?" (Note: Israeli sizing is different than American.)
-"46?!? But you are THIN! You need only a 44."  [Now he DID have larger sizes. It wasn't as if he was willing me into his largest size.]  It turned out that the size 44 skirts fit perfectly….

   OK, here's the rub: it could be that HIS skirts are marked smaller than true size, in order to give an ego push to the potential client. That's good marketing. (Although in another store I was a 42!)
 And the REAL rub: 44 is not "THIN". If I can barely fit into a few (and not all) one-size garments, I am not "thin".

   HOWEVER, there is a limit to how bad a lie can be. It needs to be half-believable… the store owner is not going to say I look like a twenty year old…

   And, quite frankly, I never even DREMPT, in my 61 years of life, that ANYONE, even a store owner drumming up business, would call me "thin"!!! NEVER!

(Me to myself:   "Thin?!? Really?!??? ... no... but on the way there!!!!"  ) 
PS: Even 95% of the way there!


LindaSue said...

I think the very last part of us that becomes stabilized at healthy weight is our self image. I've been at an attractive, healthy weight in the past decade or so - and yet regained my fat because in my head - I was a fat woman wearing smaller clothes. I think you will do better than I did - I believe in you!

slsommer said...

Thin. It's you.

Center Oak said...

Thin is not a dream any longer...for you it's real life! Really it is.

Batya said...

You sure looked thin to me when we met.

Rickismom said...

Thank-you all!