Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Feeling Young, looking older

When I was obese, people used to tell me I had a "young face". Well, the last five to ten kilos (I have lost 75) have given me a LOT of wrinkles. But I knew that this would happen, and when I started losing I said: 
I can look young and feel old (staying overweight) OR 
I can look old and feel young. 

And I am glad I chose the second! 
I FEEL SSOO much younger. emoticon 

The only problem is that now I want to look young, too! emoticon emoticon  In spite of reading Batya's post...)


Anonymous said...

From today's newspaper

Batya said...

I hope I didn't make you feel old with that post. Thanks for the link.
when you keep moving you seem young

Rickismom said...

Annonymous, a nice link!
And no, Batya, you didn't make me feel old.
I do NOT feel old. I FEEL amazingly young. And I AM happy with myself.
But I am laughing at myself- the person who three years ago declared that she would rather feel young and look old than the opposite (which is STILL true), wants to "have it all". And that isn't about to happen; I'm not shelling out money for a face lift!
And furthermore, I actively chose this- a few people warned me about ten kilos back NOT to lose more, or my face would suffer... and I anyway chose to lose those still-extra pounds. (And losing those ten kilos means that I can buy clothing in may more stores, fitting comfortably in more normal sizes.)
But vain me has enough exposure to the attitude that looking young is great, and I wouldn't mind looking young as well!
The end conclusion: people are peculiar......