Sunday, December 23, 2012


   Mrs.-lost-75-kilos managed to break her diet royally over Thursday evening, Friday, and Shabbas.
   But just saying "I goofed", "I flopped", or the like is not going to prevent it from happening again, is it?

   So I tried to figure out what was going on. OK- there was emotional eating involved; I had a lot going on and a lot of stress.

Then I remembered how little an amount of sleep I got Thursday evening.

And due to heavy rainfall, I did not go walking on Friday.

  I was stressed out, and fell back on emotional eating. Then, not walking compounded the problem, as I find walking a good stress-reducer. And perhaps I am more "forgiving" of slips over the weekend.

1)     Have substitutes ways to deal with stress when walking isn't possible: reading, knitting, listening to music, dancing in the house, etc.
2)     Get my sleep – practically, by cutting down on computer time.
3)     Figure out some reward for keeping on track over shabbas.

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Batya said...

We just have to quote Scarlet O'Hara again. I'm also having trouble getting back on track since Chanukah, but l'at, l'at...