Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Purim and Odds and Ends

[Purim is a Jewish Holiday where kids get dressed up in costumes, and adults send gifts of food to each other, and all read the scroll of Ester.]
Purim was nice. At first I was only expecting one son and his family, and maybe a quick pop-in from another sibling or two. But in the end we had four siblings (and their spouses and offspring) around the table. (TableS)
I made no fancy costumes this year. Ricki was satisfied with something very simple, so I left it at that.
Funny thing: A 2 year old granddaughter came to me holding out a 10 cent coin that she had gotten from her uncle. (I never would give a child that age money, but she was OK…) Anyway, she was speaking Yiddish, so I asked her mom what she wanted from me.
“She thinks its chocolate money, and wants you to take off the wrapping.” YIKES!
* * * * * *
Soldier son David was in the army and really missed out. But if that meant more married men being home, I am glad for that. But apparently, the army, like most non-religious Israelis, views Purim as a “kids” holiday. My son Noach also missed out on Purim by skipping over to Los Vegas to work. They may have a lot of shenanigans there, but not Purim. He told me that when people read his ID in America, they read, questioning, “N-ou-ch?” (rhyming with “ouch”). [His name is the Hebrew of Noah, “Noo-ach”]

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