Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gosh, I Wish She’d Learn Math That Fast…

Remember my post about “Running Away” from Ricki, down the stairs? Yup. A useful tool, if I do say so myself. Problem is, now Ricki’s doing it.
The other day, Ricki asked for some crackers to eat on the way to school. I refused, seeing that she had already had a very satisfactory breakfast. So she simply grabbed the package and ran down the stairs. Being that I was still dressed in my not-so-appropriate nightgown, I demurred following her. I did yell a threat of “consequences”, which were duly carried out on her return.
She certainly picked that strategy up fast! We’ll see if she absorbs the ramifications (consequences happen) as well. I used the “run away” technique only once or twice, but she seems to learn some things quick. Wish she would learn math as quickly….

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