Sunday, March 15, 2009

CONCERTA and the Birds

Ricki was a pest on Saturday morning. A real honest-t-goodness pest. Suddenly I remembered at noon that I had forgotten to give Ricki her daily dose of Concerta (slow-release Ritalin for ADHD). Well, after receiving it, she started acting normal. I am glad we have it….
* * * *
There were two birds trapped in the stairwell this morning. Ricki panicked. She looked like someone from the set of "The Birds" (Hitchcock). I was finally able to shoo them INTO our house (from which they had an easy exit via the living room window). With that Ricki was able to go downstairs. EVERYDAY there has to be SOMETHING!!!! Murphy’s law---here she was in a good mood, ready to go down... and then the birds flew into her line of vision....

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