Monday, March 9, 2009

The Day Before Purim

Today is the day before Purim. Lots of people think that it is only a kid’s holiday (since children are the ones who typically get dressed up in costume), but it is really a very serious (although lighthearted) holiday. A careful reading of the scroll of Ester reveals a scenario of deceptions, lies, behind-the –scenes deals, and silent heroism. Sounds a bit like the current situation in Israeli politics………..
Only one thing has never ceased to amaze me. How do some people celebrate Purim , and then go to Jerusalem to join the “walled cities’s Purim”, Shushan Purim? How can someone take two days of so much noise??!??

Today there is no school(Hoo-ray! I got to sleep late! "Late" meaning 8 o'clock). So now Ricki is at the grocery store, giving her Dad a break from the morning shopping.

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Batya said...

In Shiloh, Purim is two days long, long, did I say long?

I go to a quiet Megillah reading. I can't take the noise, not even once.