Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Math Booklet

Today I received in the mail a book with math projects that I had ordered. The sample I had seen online looked quite good, and the topics covered were largely what we need to work on with Ricki. Nevertheless, I rarely buy unseen stuff unless I am familiar with the author, have heard good things, or trust the publisher (like Woodbine House). I was hoping I hadn’t bought something I couldn’t use, especially as it is in English, and Ricki works in Hebrew. When I saw the postage my brother had paid (which I must repay), and mentally calculated the sum cost of the book, I gulped. “Well, it BETTER be good! “
Thank G-d, it was fine. The text parts are set out in a way that I can easily scan and translate them. And the ideas are as imaginative and fun as I had hoped.
So now, in my VAST amount of spare time (LOL) I have to scan and translate half of the workbook. So all of you British, American, and and Australians parents and teachers with special-needs students should just be HAPPY and grateful at the vast amount of ready-to-use materials you have available to use and purchase. And you can add to that thanks some gratitude for the books you can borrow to show your child’s teachers. Here they don’t have these same materials in Hebrew, and educators have looked at me like I am crazy when I was simply quoting accepted educational journals (like those of Down’s Ed of England).

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