Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Prejudiced for Girls

I am embarressed to say that I have one older son (not so religious) who enjoys playing the computer game GTA. I do not like it. First, it promotes disrespect of the police. In addition,I feel that it has violence to an extent that it can numb one’s sensitivities. He claims that when he’s playing, he pretends to be killing terrorists. Well, I STILL don’t like it. Killing, even of terrorists, should not, in my mind, be a “game”. Such games destroys the fineness of the soul. (Why I let him play it anyway is a different matter. The lesser of two evils…)
Something weird came to my attention. On rare occaision, Ricki stands aside, viewing this. And if my son is shooting he might hit a woman. If he does so, Ricki will pipe up right away: “Not the girls. Only boys”. This puzzles me. Does she identify with them? Maybe it is almost “real” to her? For sure I have to check this out. (And anyway, I want to get this away from HER eyesight at least.) What do you think?

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