Thursday, May 8, 2008


Memories are very powerful. We can cringe in memory of a bad word said to us, or a misdeed that we regret each and every time it surfaces from the depths of our mind.
And to the contrary, happy memories can be a balm. There are people who deal with pain using positive memories.
Last summer I went to visit my parents along with Ricki. We had a wonderful time; it was a true rejuvenation for me. And since I can not repeat such a trip (certainly not yearly), I have utilized other methods to enhance the after-effects: I have put pictures from the trip as the wallpaper of my computer, and have placed a few pictures from the trip in my room. In addition, I have my mother’s embroidery to feast my eyes on as well.
Now the challenge is if I can create further good memories with my actions, both for me and for others. Lets all try and take the time today to create a positive memory for someone we love.

PS A few hours after I posted this, AISH HATORAH's Lori P. posted a blog on this topic (a similar topic), and a nice one to boot. I just wanted to note that I did not copy from her. Her blog is very well done, on how our reactions are what our kids will remember.

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