Monday, March 3, 2008

Eyes / Ears/ Pesach

Ricki has had a bit of trouble getting used to her hearing aid after a week and a half lapse of use. However, this morning when she said “I can’t hear you…” for the seventh time, I suggested that she needed to have her hearing aid. She heartily agreed! GRIN
I have had pinkeye for the last several days. Yesterday it finally started getting better. I dread the possibility that my other eye has “caught” this and could flare up any time. Besides the discomfort, just the lack of ability to use the swollen eye is very disabling. The lack of depth perception that a second eye gives one was enough to impede any efforts on my part to carry on “as usual”. I just couldn’t zip around as quickly or energetically as I wanted to.
Pesach (Passover):
If I was behind in my Pesach cleaning before, now I REALLY am! I am not moaning, but laughing! I am looking at this as a happy challenge-race.
Meanwhile, I did clean and order our closed storage room. Amazing how much space there is in there, once the junk got taken off the floor….

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