Thursday, March 6, 2008

“She Has to Know”

Today I got onto the bus with Ricki . She went ahead of me while I paid, as always, and sat down. Suddenly I saw a woman give Ricki a bag with some snack food in it. I stepped over quickly to intervene. I told Ricki that she must return the bag; I do not allow her to accept it. She wanted to keep it, but I insisted. The lady started protesting, but I told her that Ricki needs to know that she can not accept gifts from strangers. Finally, Ricki saw that I would not relent, so she threw the bag back to the lady, strewing the pieces over the floor unintentionally. I commented to Ricki that it was too bad that she had thrown the bag. The lady said “Well its YOUR fault, Lady!” I faced her and said calmly, “Look, I appreciate your effort to be nice, but for her education she has to know that she can’t accept gifts from everyone.” At that point we got off the bus (luckily it was a short ride.)
I am glad that I handled the situation calmly. I wish I wouldn’t have to have handled it.

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