Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Kings, and the Sdei Chemed: A Study in Contrasts

Let me tell you a story about the Sdei Chemed, Rabbi Chaim Hezekiah Medini. This Rabbi, who later in life was the chief Rabbi in Hebron, was accused of adultery with an Arab cleaning lady in his youth. The charge was false, having been prompted by someone jealous of the young scholar. Eventually the woman came and confessed her lie, but the sdei chemed did not jump at the chance to clear his name. He was worried that his fellow student, the one who had paid the lady to lie, would be shamed in public.
Compare this to the mighty of England. Anyone familiar with history understands that “affairs” abounded at court. Even in our own day, not only was Dianna unfaithful, her husband, the heir apparent to the throne, admitted to adultery.
My only question is: How can a nation admire and idolize such people?

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