Monday, March 24, 2008

Purim and the Day Before

Purim was a very nice day. Ricki behaved very well, and some of the family was here as well.
The morning before was a different matter. I took Ricki with me to the grocery store, and her behavior was appalling. She kept trying to take “goodies”. In the end I decided that it was time to teach her a lesson, and I left the store mid-purchase with her. (Later I returned without her to finish the shopping.) The store owner tells me that when Ricki comes alone to the store she is fine (when I send her with a list), and that she only tries to grab things when I am with her (and she thinks she can get away with it). (The problem being that I feel that I must pay for any item that she opens, and she will likely consume half before I can stop her.) Now that we left the store this once, I plan to not take her the next few times (informing her of course), and then using some point system for the next time we go.

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