Friday, October 29, 2010

Thoughts on RivkA, Life, and Death

RivkA of Coffee and Chemo was niftar (died) this morning. And while most of her friends realized that baring an open miracle, she would not be amongst us much longer, it was still sad to hear the news. And a bit of a jolt.
You see, we always try and push thoughts of death away. Death is not convenient, and definitely not popular. We would all like to imagine that we, and our loved ones, will live forever. But illness and/or death suddenly rear their head, and remind us that we are oh so fragile.
We can not choose when we die. We do choose how we live.
RivkA faced adversity with courage, and grabbed life with both hands, “fighting the good fight”.
For those of us left here on earth, let us grab life and do something meaningful with it. How much of our live do we squander on unimportant things??? Let us try and be there a bit more for our families, to keep our long-range goals in view, and to remember that we are not here forever.
Baruch Dayan Emet (this is a traditional Jewish condolence…)