Monday, September 6, 2010

Oh, The Injustice of it All!

Ricki wanted to take her ceramics to school. But since we had packed them to give to her friends at exercise class, and I was afraid of breakage (as well as causing envy in her classmates) I had told Ricki a BIG “No” already yesterday.
At seven o’clock this morning I noticed that Ricki had darted out the front door for a second. I shortly thereafter peeked outside to check what contraband she had deposited there, and managed to quickly confiscate and hide the bag. Ricki noticed, and I reminded her that I HAD said “No”. She gave a scowl, and went hunting for something different.
Shortly afterwards, I realized that she had “acquired” a bag with a gift I have set aside for one of my grandsons. I made her hand the contents over, allowing her to retain the bag. She was already, at this point, rearly missing her ride to school, and I sent her quickly down, breathing a sigh of relief. I had had a trying morning with her (all of the above is about a third of what went on), and was gratefull that I had managed to stay civil and calm.
Then I noticed: One of the items from the gift bag had disappeared from the table. I flew downstairs, demanded the smuggled goods, which Ricki gave over very reluctenly, muttering euphamisms about controlling stupid mothers, and shaking her head over the injustice of it all. I grinned and wished her a good day…..

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