Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Update on Ricki:

Yesterday I was a “meanie”, and kept Ricki up until she was latterly falling asleep at the table at 9:30 pm. She had been begging me to go to sleep since 8:30, and I kept her going that extra hour….and yes, as a result, she slept all night. GRIN. And so did I.
I am glad that her foot hurts less. As of last night she still could not walk on it at all, but I could see when handling the foot (to wrap/unwrap the elastic bandage around it) that it was less painful.
However, in addition to the mild sprain, she seems to have caught the flue and was throwing up for part of the day. While it made her feel worse, it has the positive side that at least she is “missing school” concurrently, and not twice.

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