Friday, February 13, 2009

Spring Weather, Ricki’s “Gift”, and a Collect Phone Call

This evening I am giving you a brief glimpse into my world. Today was a warm and sunny day. And while I know we desperately need rain, I confess having lounged in my living room chair at noon today for an hour, just soaking up the warmth. Perhaps the main reason for this was my “gift” from Ricki: her cold.
Yes, definitely a “gift”, given with full intention. What else would you call it when a 14 year old, who has known to cover her mouth when coughing since age four refused to do so for the last several days?
* * * *
Today at two pm, I received a collect phone call. The caller did not give their name, but I took it anyway. My mind flashed immediately to my soldier son who has been on training maneuvers and out of phone access all week. I knew he would be arriving for the weekend either today or tomorrow; maybe he was calling collect to tell me when he would be arriving. Grr…. The collect call was a wrong number….. Don’t tell my husband, he will never understand why I wasted money to pick up a collect call when the caller didn’t give their name. But any mother will understand……

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