Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Try this Tuesday

"PschMamma" posted over at 5 minutes for special needs an idea to use with a key ring. So now that you are all running out to buy key rings, buy a few more. There's a lot more that you can do with them!
For all of these you can use laminated pictures/drawings (or text), or, as in the article listed above suggests, plastic sleeves from baseball card covers
AM ring (very helpfull!) put on the ring a list of things the child needs to do before heading out the door to his school bus ride in the morning, such as: check school bag, make /take lunchbox, library book, do I have bus card, lunch money, take medicines, brush hair, brush teeth etc, etc.
PM ring - same as AM one, but with bedtime activities
Chore ring: A cute (make it fun!) picture/drawing of chores needed to be done before going out to play or to the computer.
school bag checklist: all the things I have to be sure are in my school bag.
Individual task analysis: steps to do to complete any chore.
For example, if his chore is to do the dishes, you could hang up the ring in the kitchen, so he can check when finished that everything was done: dishes to sink, perisables to fridge, bread and cereal closed and away, dishes washed, dishes rinsed, table wiped, garbage to trash can
Using pics from a digital camera, or from a picture disc like "Picture This", any task can be broken down: taking a bath , setting the table, etc. A title card will help him know where to start on the ring
steps in changing a menstrual pad (this is really just another task analysis, but I believe it deserves special mention.)(and in ring form, this fits easily in purse!) Before the first picture, put a title card, so she knows which picture to start from. This will allow more independence until she has the proceedure "down pat"
For older child with slight learning disabilities: class schuedule
Shopping list prompt: You can teach your grade school child to make the daily shopping list (ahem..or use it yourself): a ring with all those staples so easily forgotten: sugar, salt, eggs, etc. Check your supplies of these items when making the list. [don't forget to include chocolate on the ring LOL!]
For non-verbal cvhild, a mini communication board
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danette said...

Great ideas, I especially like the AM / PM rings. Thanks!

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

Those are smart creative ideas. I've seen it used to help kids study words, like a flashcard holder.

Jenny said...

All great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

Frogs' mom said...

Another cool idea! Thanks for sharing this :0)

PsychMamma said...

I love how you expanded multiple ideas from the one original one! Lots of great ideas!

Lori said...

I think my little girl will benefit from these ideas. I really love the morning and afternoon ring idea! Thanks

Anonymous said...

Wow, these are some awesome ways to use that little ring! Thanks for listing them all out for us. :)