Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Not a Baby!

Ricki’s father recently came home from a trip, and brought her a doll. It really was not such a great gift, as Rick really doesn’t play with dolls much anymore, but he thought she would like it. So last night he said “When your friend Miri (a girl from her eighth grade class) comes over on Friday night, show her the doll.” (He was hoping Miri would praise it).
Ricki shot back verbally as fast as a cowboy with a firearm: “What?!? So she should think I’m a baby??!!??”

Compare this to yesterday’s post. She certainly knows where she can get away with acting childish, and where not….or, to be more exact, where her interests lie.


Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

Perhaps its because she would only play with dolls if other kids her age were. Like a fashion thing, it's only because other people are doing it that it becomes in style even if it may seem odd.

FAB said...

While I'm sure your husband's feelings may have been hurt, Ricki certainly knows what she wants! I hear the same things from kids all the time, thier tastes evolve so quickly that sometimes I can't keep up...Just like Ricki, they let me know when it's not "cool"

rickismom said...

Babysitter, Obviously that is the point. She is socially conscious and does not want to be a baby. But even besides that, she doesn't play with dolls....I'm afraid the problem here is more my husband's in being disappointed that she didn't wax poetic over the doll.