Monday, September 1, 2008


WARNING: Don't let this post make you miss my real post for today (below).
I was "tagged" by Renee from "Life with my special k's" and given an award. Thanks Renee, its nice to know that someone likes what I write. However, I am going to cheat a bit on the rules, and send this out to less than 7 people. I don't have time to read that many blogs.

Now here are the people whose blogs I think are really worth the time. I DO enjoy other blogs, but these strike me as deserving:
1. Terri at Barriers, Bridges and Books writes eloquently, mostly on disability issues, but I think anyone should be interested. See her posts of August 22 and 23.They are on disability, but are very thought-provoking.
2.Trish at another piece of the puzzle has in general lighter stuff than Terri, but has a lot of good ideas.Generally more relavent for those in the special needs crowd.
3.The Sandman, here, is written by an Israeli anesthesiologist. I just discovered this blog recently, but it makes interesting reading. As a nurse, I never realized how involved anesthesiologists were with their patients and their care.....
4. Carolyn at "Juggling Frogs" ... Pure common sense, from a mom in Massachusetts. Men, (do any men read here????) and any woman wanting a good laugh, go read her July 5th 2007 post (its on her sidebar) "Top 10 acceptable answers to 'Does this outfit Make me look fat?'"


Terri said...

Well, this is so exciting--my first award ever! Thank you for your kind words (now what did I write about on the 22nd???) I will be back to set this up in a bit!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

You're welcome!! And thanks for posting it! :)

rickismom said...

terri.. I am amazed! You write such a good blog, I fiqured you didn't have any awards posted on the blog's sidelines because it's all "old hat" to you!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the award!