Friday, August 1, 2008

The “Club”

One day about a week or two ago, I was out with Ricki, and we stopped to look at some books. I decided to purchase on book, and asked the storekeeper for the price. He noticed Ricki’s hearing aid, and asked if she had a cochlear implant. I said “No, it’s a regular hearing aid.”, and he looked disappointed. It turns out that he had a child slated to get a cochlear implant in the near future.
One of the nice things about having a child with a disability is the “club”. Parents have a tendency to give each other that “knowing nod” when they pass in the street, along with a smile. A few words, a smile, exchanged while in line at the dentist or physiotherapist. Sometimes even a discount at a store. The best is the way they treat your child… a person. Today I have to send Ricki with her brother to pick up her new eyeglasses. I can confidently send them alone, not only because my son knows how to manage, but because the store owner himself has a young adult son with Down syndrome. He knows just how to get her to cooperate, and never treats her condescendingly.

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