Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Choices- the Fried Egg

While Ricki can fry her own egg, sometimes, like the rest of us, she enjoys being catered to. The other day I saw that someone was in the kitchen, and asked them to make Ricki an egg for breakfast. Ricki yelled out from the living room:” I want a scrambled egg.” The person frying the egg said: “I’ll cook you a sunny-side up egg.”
“NO”. Ricki replied, “It will (drip and) mess up my blouse.”

Well, this family member made her a sunny-side up egg, and was puzzled when Ricki got angry and refused to eat the egg. I stepped in, and broke the yolk, mixed it with the white, and cooked it a speck more. This satisfied Ricki. Then I turned to the disconcerted family member.

Didn’t you hear her?
Can’t she chose the type of egg she wants?

I am very glad that Ricki did not accept the abjuration of her rights quietly.

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