Wednesday, December 5, 2007

small odds and ends

When I returned from vacation this last summer, I immediately noticed that my computer was working at a crawl. I accused the teens of downloading something with a virus while I was absent, but of course the charges were hotly denied. Well, yesterday I discovered that they had installed some type of car-racing game that uses tons of mega-bite memory, and I promptly uninstalled it. PRESTO! Computer stopped limping along, and is running. GRIN

Finale of the FM story:
Immediately after the weekend I called our hearing aid supplier to request that he order a new "boot" for the FM, and ask (gulp!) how much it would cost. It "only" costs about $50 (much less than the entire FM, which is priced in the range of about $2000). The nice surprise was that the supplier sent two FM sets to the store by mistake, and the extra had not been returned. So we were able to replace the "boot" immediately.

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