Sunday, December 16, 2007


I have a new granddaughter.
So since my daughter in law is in the hospital, my son and his first daughter were here on Saturday. Usually when they are occasionally here for the weekend, Mom (daughter in law) takes care of this child. But since they were here without Mom, more of the responsibility fell on me. I was very grateful for this; I had a better-than-usual chance to see my granddaughter up close.
I discovered that this granddaughter is very smart, talkative, and self-confident. At first I almost felt that she was a genius, but I quickly attributed that to having forgotten what normal two year olds are like. (It's been 13 years since Ricki's older brother was two). The ease in which new words are gathered, the inquisitiveness about everything, was a pleasure to behold.
I mentioned to my son that since his daughter is speaking so well, he can already start using two-word phrases. Instead of simply naming objects, he should label them and add an adjective.
"a yellow flower"
"a big ball"

He replied that he can't be bothered; she'll pick these concepts up in playschool. I was floored. To witness such a blasé attitude…a child that doesn't need an overdose of teaching (and teaching… and teaching…) Oh, what a luxury a normal child is!

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