Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Well, I’ve got a new computer. And I hope to implement a new policy as well—less time on the computer and more time sleeping. As a reading addict, I find the computer a lovely source of reading material—but at a cost. The time spent leaves me with too little sleep, which makes dieting all but impossible.
So it all comes down to that old question: What are my priorities? What am I spending my time on? I don’t want in five years to look back and see that I have wasted my time (excessively) on things that are not really important. It bears reminding ourselves at times, that our sojourn here is limited.
Anyway, if I want to implement that policy, I will have to be firm with myself. So bye for now; it’s late!


Anonymous said...


I was wondering if you kept to your resolution - it made me smile, as I too love (as I suppose alot of readers do) being on the computer, and I found myself thoroughly enjoying all your writing, even the sad ones.

It is almost a year since my father died and I still have many thoughts about him/us/life/death.


rickismom said...

I spend less time, but still too much. I am still trying to cut down