Sunday, December 23, 2007

I had a nice sequel to my last post written up already,but my computer died tonight (or became SERIOUSLY disabled), so I will try and remember it as best as I can. (The benefit of my son having a computer is the existence of back-up access. I just wish that half the English letters on his keyboard weren't rubbed out, and that his space bar worked better.....)

Anyway,I want to take the last post a bit further. How often do we "peg" ourselves? How many times have I denied myself the chance to try something because I was too embarrassed, "too fat"? Have we ever, as parents, felt that we knew our child better than the teachers, but were scared to speak out, not giving ourselves the strength to stand up?
Have you ever wanted to try something, only to talk yourself out of it, doubting your ability? Have you ever felt self-confident enough to do something slightly "different"?
Instead,I suspect that we often tie ourselves into a box, tie it shut, and knot it for good measure. Also, even if we identify ourselves in certain ways (in my case, Orthodox Mom, mother of a special needs child, avid reader), I think that we have to take a good look sometimes to see if there are other aspects of our lives and personalities that we are overlooking.
So give yourself a bigger pat on the back, an occasional shove to try something new. Try to "peg" yourself a bit more imaginatively. Spread your wings a bit....

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