Monday, July 30, 2012

Hospital Tales #8 – a New IQ Test?

     As I wrote yesterday, Ricki needed a PET-CT scan when in the hospital, which in Ricki's case seemed easier said than done. When they told me that she would have to lie still for three-quarters of an hour BEFORE the test (in addition to the 25 minutes or so of the scan), I had grave doubts… 
      Eventually it worked out because Ricki's doctor came specially to give her some IV Valium, which put her to sleep for the first 45 minutes, and left her drowsy for the rest. In addition, Ricki was motivated to lie still, having been informed by her doctor that if she "behaved and lied still" to the PET, he would buy her an ice cream cone. In addition the lady in the bed next to us promised her a "prize", and her daughter chipped in "I'll give you some chocolate".
   Ricki kept reminding me that she had been promised an ice cream, but she didn't really repeat all the rest…. Until post-test. On return to the room she requested her prize. And the NEXT day when the lady's daughter arrived, Ricki announced "I laid still!" The woman pulled out a piece of gum from her purse. But Ricki remembered quite clearly that the promised "goods" had been chocolate and demanded her due.

Now WHERE is that memory in everything else?!?!?!
 I think I have discovered a new way to check the true intelligence of children……

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