Monday, July 30, 2012

A Summer Walk- The Yarkon River

    This post is to acquaint readers (especially those in Israel) with the lovely walk available 
in the Yarkon Park in Tel Aviv


We are starting out in the parking lot of the Ayalon Mall, and circle around the Ramat Gan Stadium. In back of the stadium is a bridge which crosses the Yarkon River. Most of our walking will be on the second side. The bridge is new, and next to it is a memorial plaque dedicated to the 4 athletes who lost their lives when the temporary bridge that had been there collapsed, 15 years ago.

   Interesting is that three of these athletes died not from the fall, but from the toxins they imbibed from the polluted water. In the aftermath of this accident, concern about the environment (which had just been starting), got a big boost. Efforts to clean up the polluted river were strengthened. Not only was the river improved, the park surrounding the Yarkon has been filled with walking/cycling paths.
Picture: Shadows on the bridge. Note on the other side (partially seen), a mother running with her child's pram in front, and a cyclist…                                  

   After crossing the bridge, we walk about 5 minutes in a fairly sunny area, then we enter a wooded area. The Yarkon river is to our left (the next  picture I took looking back)

   It is about a nice half-hour walk (mostly in wooded areas) from the bridge in back of the stadium, (along the banks of the Yarkon),to the artificial lake in the park's main area. (This is Ricki at the lake, two years ago)

As we leave the lake we will go on a tangent , crossing a bridge over the Yarkon to reach the historical "Seven Mills" site.

   The "seven mills" where flour mills which operated during the Ottoman 
empire period.

Grinding stone:

Exit arches for water from the mills :

   After leaving the "seven mills" and the lake, we turn in the direction of the ocean, walking alongside the Yarkon river, which is to our left. We are walking along one of the many special walking/bike paths which circuit and cross the park in almost every way imaginable.

The Yarkon park, besides being a bicyclist's haven, has places where 
one can rent boats. 

   After the open stretch we go under another street bridge, cross another, albeit shorter, stretch, and we reach THIS pedestrian bridge crossing a side shoot off the river..

 [I don't know how all these young people are able to whoosh across this thing so effortlessly on their bikes. I sure couldn't…..]   

From the top of the pedestrian bridge, we can see the smokestack of the Reading Power plant. We are only a few minutes walk from the ocean. We soon reach a long pedestrian bridge which spans the outlet of the Yarkon river to the Mediterranean.

Note the three disabled cyclists crossing the bridge in low special hand operated"bikes".

   From this point if we choose, we can 
look south towards Tel Aviv (and Jaffa beyond), but if we continue our walk just a bit, we can see the bike path stretching 
ahead of us towards the north.

    (This bike path is part of the Israel National Trail (see : HERE  

 To the south we can see the Tel-Aviv - -Jaffa port     

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