Monday, May 28, 2012

Washing Her Hands…..

Introduction: Those of you unfamiliar with Jewish law will understand this post better if you know the following: Jewish law requires that before consuming bread, one needs to ritually wash one's hands (with water from a cup, poured over the hands).

The Post: 
    Ricki had gotten up a bit late this morning, lethargic after the extended three-day "Shavuot" holiday weekend. She didn't feel 100%, and decided that she would stay home for the day, which I allowed. I prepared a light breakfast of toasted bread for each of us, hers with ketchup, and mine with 5% white cheese. I washed my hands, sat down, and said a blessing over the food. Ricki promptly sat down and dug in, without blessing or washing her hands.
 - "Um, Ricki, it seems to me that you forgot to wash your hands…."
-  (shrug)
- "Ricki, you know that you need to wash your hands…"
(SHRUG from her)
-"Ricki, the angels in heaven are waiting to see you wash your hands and bless…"

   A few moments passed. I decided that arguing with her would be counter-productive, and indeed, a few moments later, when it was no longer apparent that she was "capitulating", she went to wash.



Batya said...

So, has she recovered?

Rickismom said...

Definately! And this morning (Tuesday) , she went to school, eagerly, even!