Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Driving and Safety / Death Rears its Ugly Head

  Just this morning there was a terrible accident outside, at our corner.  Two young men on a motorcycle were thrown a huge distance; and at least one died.
    I do not know if alcohol or drugs were involved by either of the parties, or cell phone use, or not. But I want to take this opportunity to remind all of the dangers of all three. Most people today know well about alcohol and driving not being a good mix.
   But what people don't realize is that using a cellular phone, even HANDS-FREE is JUST AS DANGEROUS!. (click on link)
    My married daughter and son-in-law arrived on the scene moments after the accident... I don't imagine either will sleep tonight after what they saw. I have been sick at heart the whole day after hearing their description. Then, to my horror, it became apparent that I know the parents of the young man who died.
     Yes, death comes of so sudden at times. We shudder at the realization of our frailty.
  I am simply so caught up in this, and can think of little else. I know that this will pass for me, I will soon be back to "normal life".
    As I always say: "All we have power over is what WE do and how WE act." Nothing else.....

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Batya said...

no one is immune
HaMakom yenachim...