Wednesday, April 25, 2012


  Today is Israel’s Remembrance Day, when we remember those brave men and women who gave their lives for the sake of  the right of Israel to live in their land, as well as the numerous victims of terror. Tonight is the start of the Independence Day celebrations.
   Unfortunately, all too often, in years past, these days have been marred by misunderstandings, especially between the Chareidi  (ultra-orthodox)and the chiloni (non-religious) sectors.
   So I decided to make a short clip with pictures (mostly from Israel), and many from my family album, where we see that the Orthodox, chareidi, and chiloni public can get along, care for each other, . Whether we are Ashkenazi, sephardi, modern, Litvish, Chassidic, etc,(various sections of Am Israel) we are one people. Also we need to include those with disabilities.
    And for my non-Jewish special-needs readers, I will say that the message of getting along with those who disagree with you (you like inclusion, an acquaintance prefers all special-ed) is just as pertinent. And by the way, I included several pictures of Ricki in the clip; all are preceded by a heart-shaped transition effect.
   Note: The “music” for the clip is an A cappella (all-vocal) selection from a disc (of A.K.A/ pella) which I purchased. Please do not copy the music track.
   (Note : Those women whose eyes were blacked out are women who probably would not want to be featured on the "net")

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Batya said...

fantastic, great job, such talent