Friday, April 22, 2011

The Two Sides

Remember the “Cracker Fiasco” of a few days ago?
Well, the funny thing is that just about one day before that incident; Ricki was eating some bread in a carefully designated area of the house. I was concerned lest crumbs of chometz (leaven) fall on the floor and get blown by the wind into the areas of the house that had already been cleaned for Pesach (Passover).
Now Ricki has an odd (and irritating) “custom” to turn her plate over whenever she has finished eating. So as she neared the end of her meal, I warned her not to turn her plate over, that doing so would scatter crumbs all over the house.
Her reply was “I am not a tiny little girl.”
“OK,” I thought at the time, “I had that coming to me. She DOES understand.” But that understanding did not help when a day or two later she was hungry and wanted crackers….
The state of the human being, the conflict between knowledge and desires…..