Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pre-Passover Update (Fiasco # 2 ) (and #3….)

Someone asked how she got hold of the “chometz” (leavened food). Simply, it was hanging outside the front door. I had no idea that she would dare bring it into the house. So after the cracker fiasco, I hid the pitot ( a less crumbly type of bread) that we were planning to eat over the Sabbath, Well, she FOUND them and again ate in the living room! After that I hid them better, but also made sure to wake up before she did Saturday morning!
Finally, tonight I sent her downstairs with a few crackers, telling her not to reenter the house until she was finished. Again, she disobeyed me, and came in, but I caught her right away and sent her out again.
The interesting thing is that she does understand, theoretically at least. Today we took an early morning stroll (oh, so nice to get out after three days in the house!), and I asked her where she thought we would be eating pitot today, in the salon or on the roof. She replied “on the roof”.
-Because it is chometz.

So she does understand. She just has trouble with her desire to eat.

Sounds like someone else I know who understands that chocolate before Passover is just as fattening as all year round but who nevertheless has had 1 ½ bars over the last three or four days……


Cindy B. said...

I had a friend whose husband loved home baking. Eventually she learned to wrap it in butcher's paper and mark it "Liver" if she wanted to have any left.

Is there anything Rikki doesn't really like that you could save the packaging from so you can hide whatever you don't want her to have but that you need to keep? I realize that might not work at Passover if the leavened items can't be in the house but perhaps at other times?????

Staying Afloat said...

Might not be the food craving. It sounds like pure impulsivity to me, which would make sense with her ADHD. And it sounds very very trying.

Have a chag kasher v'sameach.

Batya said...

Impulse control problems, I also ate food I shouldn't have, like the white chocolate that came with our "work gift" and the sugary halva which had been in the fridge unopened since Succot or earlier.
Stress doesn't help, and I guess Ricki feels the stress and extra rules. Next year "hide" some k4p treats for her, telling her that they're for the holiday. So if she She'll focus on them. If she does eat them, then she won't get any more, if not, it'll be good. Maybe she'll forget to look for the chametz.