Friday, March 4, 2011

Ricki’s Tall Tales

Ricki wants to be just like everyone else, especially like all of her friends. And why not? Have you ever seen a teen NOT like that?
But Ricki is NOT like all of her friends, many who (1) have different afternoon activities than her and /or (2) have larger extended families.
And if she can’t beat them, so she joins them… at least in her imagination.
You see, if Ricki’s best friend has a swimming class in the afternoon, Ricki will insist that she does, too, and will even take her swimsuit (or, GULP, MINE) to school.
And if a classmate in celebrating the engagement of a cousin, or brother, Ricki will also make up a story about how there is a wedding in the family, or that she is is visiting her sister for shabbas, etc. The question I always wonder at is “How much of this rubbish does her teacher and friends believe?”


Cindy B said...

I remember reading a comment by a teacher that went something like "If I believe only 1/10 of what your child says goes on at home will you believe only 1/10 of what your child says happens at school".

I think most teachers with any experience learn to recognize when the students are simply trying to get on the bandwagon so as to not be seen as different.

Batya said...

Good luck with this. It can cause problems.