Sunday, March 6, 2011

Give While You Can

Recently I gave a blood donation. (Well, in truth, it was plasma, which the blood bank prefers. Since I have AB type blood, my plasma has no antibodies to A or B, and is the “universal donor plasma”, while my blood can only go to those with AB type.) I was happy to note that I can donate up to age 65.
Than, last week, someone mentioned in my ceramics class that they were testing for bone marrow donations in the local mal. I have always wanted to join the potential donors list, and have never had an opportunity to do so. So after class, I ran over to the mal, and offered to be tested.
“Age 18-55?” the lady queried.
Abashed, I felt my heart sink. “I’m afraid not,” I mumbled.
“Well, thanks for trying” she added.

Why did I never make the time before this to GO FIND OUT where I could be tested?

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tesyaa said...

Is there any reason why being a few years over 55 would be dangerous for the donor or the recipient? Surely there's enough need to consider exceptions.