Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Oh, that morning CUP /

I have been with a relative in the hospital for most of the last day and-a-half. Yesterday morning at 6:30 am as I entered the hospital (after a late-night "pit stop" at home), I made a quick detor to the coffee machine. As I walked down the corridor, I passed a fellow going the opposite direction, also balancing HIS cup of coffee. I smiled, and commented: "Well, I guess nothing really replaces that first cup in the morning....."
Now keeping a diet/Walking Plan can be very hard when a relative is hospitalized. Sometimes just keeping from gaining is the best one can do. Some ideas/hints follow below. Of course, not all apply in every situation, but here they are for what they are worth:
1) Often there are breaks when you can leave a patient's bedside: when they are sleeping, when others visit, etc. Utilize these to get out and walk around the outside of the building, or even in the lobby/long halls. If needed, make smaller circuits to check if the patient has awoken.
2) Ask visitors to bring YOU a salad if you can not buy in the hospital, and you can not bring from home.
3) Many hospitals have grocery stores. Even a few crakers with white cheese will be better than a store-bought danish!
4) Try and find a way to deal with stress. Bring an MP3 with relaxing music, do some stretching exercises in a corner.


Risa said...

sincerest wishes for a רפואה שלמה

mikimi said...

glad she is out home and recuperating.

Batya said...

refuah shleimah
Good ideas. I remember walking up and down stairs when my youngest was a baby hospitalized for 6 weeks. In those days there wasn't much in food and there was nothng to eat most of the day.
Also when someone visits it's a good idea to bring fruit and foods the caregiver can eat, too.

Anonymous said...

Stretching sounds like a great idea! It's a good way to relax and just get your mind off of other things. I hope things start looking up!

Lucia said...

I've never heard of grocery stores in a hospital before. Must be a foreign thing - we don't have grocery stores in our hospitals here, instead we have cafeterias! But it would be awesome to have a grocery store in the hospital - it would give me a wider selection of foods when visiting the hospital for a doc's appt and am hungry while waiting to see the doctor!