Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Guitar’s Pajamas

Ricki, Her father, and I were sitting around Saturday evening. As her father played his guitar, Ricki relaxed, pleased to see him in a good mood. She only protested when I sang along with him on one song. [For some reason she apparently views “being a mommy” as too serious a business to sing (though I sing all the time….and she also doesn’t like me dancing to my MP3 player, either…..) ]
Anyway, when he was done playing my husband started to put the guitar away in it’s case. He jokingly remarked to Ricki “See, just like you have to go put on PJs, the guitar also wears pajamas.”
Ricki looked at him, puzzled.
“But a guitar isn’t a person. It doesn’t sleep.”
“A dog isn’t a person, and HE sleeps…” countered her father. As she mulled this over he added “A fish sleeps and it’s not human.” At this point I “rescued” Ricki and interjected “But a guitar is an object, not a living creature.”
At this Ricki nodded, and looking at her father said “You were joking, weren’t you?”

She fully understood at last. But what I enjoyed was her verbal expression throughout the whole exchange.

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