Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Punishment

Yesterday evening I was supposed to take Ricki shopping for new shoes- an activity I was sure that she would be enthusiastic about. The same morning, she had acted VERY sassy towards me, but I refrained from dishing out a punishment so as not to give her the pleasure of getting a reaction from me.
On her return from her afternoon group, I noticed that she had grabbed 6 (SIX!) pieces of bread, so I quickly informed her that I did not agree to such indulgences and unhealthy eating, and insisted that she return the bread to me. She didn’t, so I offered the ultimate consequence: “If you don’t return the bread, we won’t go she shopping today.” And to my horror, it didn’t work. Monday would have been by far the easiest day for me to do the shopping, but the die had been cast. We did not going shopping.
Remind me if she misbehaves Thursday to think of a DIFFERENT consequence, FAST!


Batya said...

So, she wanted the bread more than the shopping. What immediate thing can you take away that is more precious?

rickismom said...

probably nothing.....

Staying Afloat said...

What about the computer? Doesn't she like that?

Have you heard the story about (insert name of gadol- I don't remember which one)? When he was young, his family would gather around the table for meals and eat bread and butter. When one of the kids misbehaved, they were punished by having the butter withheld for a meal. And at that meal, the father wouldn't take butter either.

I hate when my kids' punishments mess with me. But I think there's a lesson here... (Which is so much easier for me to see when I'm not the one it's happening to.)