Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Pigeon

“What’s that noise?” Ricki asked, as we heard the cooing of a pigeon this afternoon.
“A pigeon”, I answered, as I went to the window to check out where the bird was. As much as I enjoy seeing birds, these birds have a reputation for bringing some type of worms wherever they build their nests, so I wanted to discourage them from building on my windowsill. Opening the window slats was surely a discouragement, as one flew away immediately. The other stayed put, and Ricki came over to look. “What’s that?” she queried, pointing at his beak.
“A twig.”
“A twig?!?”
“Yeah. For building a nest….”
“Oh, he wants to have a home…..”

What I enjoyed the most about the above exchange was that Ricki was asking, thinking, and reacting to something unrelated to her everyday life.

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