Friday, November 5, 2010

Frozen Yogurt

This is my standard 1:00 noon snack before my nap(except in winter). I eat lunch later. You need a good strong blender stick for this. This has about 200-250-300 calories, depending on what fruits or additives you use. Made with low-fat yogurt, the calorie count is not bad, considering that you get lots of dairy and (in the fruit version) fruit.And drunk with a straw on a hot summer day, it is soothing and very satisfying.
Fruit version:
-2 half-frozen 0% fat diet yogurts (or frozen completely then both defrosted together for 45 seconds in the mcro at high strength, then sliced)
-one or two fruits (depending on type and amount of calories available for this snack-meal), such as peaches, pears, kiwi, strawberries, blueberries
-optional: (if you have the calories for it) 10 almonds or wheat germ (both are good at helping to prevent dementia)
-3 packets of artificial sugar substitute
BLEND in a big glass with a blender stick.

Non-fruit version)
-2 half-frozen 0% yogurts
-1 half-frozen diet 0% fat pudding-yogurt ("maadan" in Hebrew)
-2 packs sweetner
-1 teaspoon coffee (optional)
-a FEW almonds or walnut (optional, depending on calories wanted)
-a bit of water (3 Tablespoons), as the frozen pudding is thicker....
Blend with blender stick

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