Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Sneaky Snack: Part One

Tuesday morning, just before Ricki had to go downstairs to catch her ride to school, she remembered that she wanted something to eat. She had a sandwich packed to eat at 9am, but suddenly she was asking: “What in the world will I eat for BREAKFAST?”
I told Ricki, that she would have her sandwich for breakfast. And I suggested a fruit in the meantime. But she didn’t want. Then, suddenly her face lit up. “I know! I’ll go to the grocery to buy a sweet.”
Me: “Oh no you are not! One, you don’t need sweets, and two, your driver is arriving any minute and there is NO TIME to go to the grocery store!”
So Ricki went downstairs. However, as she went out the door, she said “Don’t watch me from the window, OK?”

HUGH?!? Why not? Immediately I became suspicious. I stood at the window, but one step inward, hoping that Ricki wouldn’t see me from below. I saw her exit the building, scan the window for my presence, and turn in the direction of the grocery store which is a short block away. Immediately I called her, and ran downstairs to insure that she would stay put until her ride came. As a funny aside, I realized that her intellectual impairment, for once, was an advantage for me: She was not smart enough to camouflage her errant acts effectively.

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Anonymous said...

LOL! Don't watch from the window. So cute. But she's a determined one. :)